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Andrews Croft

Writer, Coder,

Background Artist

Andrews makes good words.  It puts funny and people laugh.  He will zoblish a novel, someday.

Takara J Aikens A.K.A ClaudiaAloisia

Character Art

and the voice of Ravana

Takara, known by her online handle as ClaudiaAloisia, brings her magical art to all the characters in The Red Seed.  Her art is both whimsical and yet has incredible emotional depth.  Catch up with her on Tumblr, support her on Patreon, visit her Website or go to her Store.  And at some point soon, if fate is with us, she will voice the protagonist of The Red Seed, Ravana.

Iyona Laurrel

Creature, Background,

and Scene Art,

and the voice of Eova

From the cute Ashkara to the terrifying Horobus, Iyona brings her immense artistic talent to The Red Seed.  Iyona is just as talented a musician and stage actress as she is an artist.  Catch up with her on Twitter, follow her on Instagram, visit her Website or Facebook go to her Store.  And if you want to catch some fantastic videos of her performing, check her out on ReverbNation or Youtube.  If fortune smiles on us she will also voice Ravana’s best friend, Eova.